All of Argentina “dreamt of this from the very first day”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 22, 2015 - With emotions flowing unstoppably, Argentinean players and coach gave their excerpts at a moment unprecedented for all of them - to be on the verge of a World Championship final match. 

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "I feel many emotions, after all we made and trained, we're here... I don't want to forget all of these boys’ coaches, because they have made an excellent work for them to be here; also my staff for their excellent work and my players' parents for having faith in us. This was something that we dreamt from the very first day, we're in the final and now we want to win it."

Agustín Loser, Argentina player: "It was a hard match and even when middle blockers didn't participate much today, we helped with block and the entire game system. I feel so happy and I'll never forget this night!"

Felipe Benavídez, Argentina captain: "I think we started with a lot of energy and decided to get the win. We had some problems when they pressured with their serve, but then our spirit came up and we found the way to get the victory. The first day our coach told us that we have to dream, because it can always become true. We keep on dreaming and tomorrow we will have the chance to be champions."


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