Argentina coach Luis Testa: “We never thought about losing”


Both captains and coaches at the press conference after an amazing game

Resistencia, Argentina, August 14, 2015 - Argentina needed to make use of all of their spirit and confidence to defeat a very combative team of France in their first World Championship game, but for coach Luis Testa, the team always knew the way to the victory.

Joachim Panou, France captain: "It was a very long match and both teams showed really high level. Argentina is a great squad so this result is not bad for us. We could have won the match in the fourth set, but we lost the chance and it's a pity."

Felipe Benavídez, Argentina captain: "It was a tough match, we had ups and downs in our level, but France is a very combative team so a triumph is always good. I think we had the attitude to turn around those moments when we weren't playing well. In some parts we were a bit insecure, but there's nothing we can't correct. The fans were amazing with us tonight."

Olivier Audabram, France coach: "When we started the match we knew it was going to be a difficult game since Argentina is playing at home and that's something extra for them. The stadium and the fans were fantastic and played their own role. I want to congratulate both teams because we gave a great show for the public today and we hope to improve for the rest of the tournament."

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "We started the first set very nervous and with a lot of mistakes. We knew this would happen and how to face it. We never thought about losing. We got the fourth set and it was so important to start the fifth with a good difference. At the end we suffered a bit, but we know that every match is going to be a final and we'll have to fight every point."


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