Argentina “played with the heart” to defeat continental rivals Brazil


Resistencia, Argentina, August 21, 2015 - Pumping as fastest as ever, the hearts of the local Argentinean boys worked to their maximum to spur a tremendous win over Brazil at home. That spirit was one of the keys to the result, as star player Manuel Balague pointed out after the game.

Manuel Balagué, Argentina player: "Brazil is a strong team, but we could handle it and played with our hearts. Our strategy was important, the coaching staff prepared the match really well, we put that in practice and it worked."

Felipe Benavídez, Argentina captain: "Every time we face Brazil they start aggressive, playing in great level but we know how to offset that. When we lost the second set, we learnt and enter the following ones to win the match. Once this team is focused and motivated, we're really hard to defeat."

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "We always want to play in our best but sometimes we can't do it. Today it was a good game and we're really happy. Fortunately, we have many players and all of them gave us a 100% so we can make substitutions. This might have been our best game, but we still have to play on Saturday and Sunday."


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