Argentina’s Benavídez: “You can’t get overconfident in a World Championship”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 17, 2015 - When Argentina was on the verge of finishing Belgium, the match changed its course and it was the European side the one that celebrated on that third set. Although the game finally belonged to Argentina 3-1, captain Felipe Benavídez and other members of the team warned about that moment of overconfidence.

Simon Peeters, Belgium captain: "We just had a bad day, it happens... We played really well against USA and France, but today our players were tired and played a bad match. This is volleyball and has ups and downs. We're really emotional because we lost, but we gave everything. We just want to keep on going and show our best volleyball".

Manuel Balagué, Argentina player: "I think it was a hard match, they are taller than us but we solved it. The first two sets we played well and on the fourth we could close it thanks also to how the crowd encouraged us."

Felipe Benavídez, Argentina captain: "We played two sets following our game plan, but then couldn't maintain it on the third and we're on a World Championship - you can't become overconfident because any team can win. Luckily, in the fourth set we played good again and got the win."

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "On the match we had some ups and downs. We played well the first two sets and on the third maybe we thought it was over and failed to close it. On the fourth, we started very well; we were aggressive and played like we want to."


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