Belgian captain Peeters: “We can walk away with our heads high”


Belgium left the court surrounded by the support of local fans

Resistencia, Argentina, August 15, 2015 - Another terrific match featured as day closure on Resistencia, this time with USA and Belgium giving it all throughout five sets. Although the American squad clinched the victory, Belgian players are in peace due to all the energy they put into the fight.

Micah Ma'a, USA player: "This crowd is crazy!! This is a different scenario for us, so we try to learn how to win in a tough environment and against a great team as Belgium. I'm glad we came up with the victory. This is our second tie break and I think we have to get stronger, we fall into holes and we have to work to stay strong. Personally, I'm trying to do as much as I can for this team whether is serving, hitting or setting. I'm fond to play with these guys, they make my job really easy and I have to thank them."

Simon Peeters, Belgium captain: "We were so close to get the victory. I think we can walk away with our heads high, we really gave it all and we were so close. The best of us was to keep fighting all the time, there were moments when we were down and we kept on going. I'm proud of that."


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