Brazil spoiled defending champion Russia debut in World Championship


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 15, 2015 – In front of more than 4.000 spectators that brought color to a chilly night in Regatas’ Arena, Brazil took an almost lost set against Russia to coronate a 4 set-victory against the defending champions (22-25, 25-21, 25-19, 25-23). Leonardo Almeida and Ivan Polianskii guided their teams with 17 points.

Konstantin Abaev made it look easy for Russia in the first set. The 16-year-old setter showed aplomb and evoked Russian legends Sergey Grankin and Vadim Khamuttskikh to start the road to retain the gold won in Mexico 2013 (25-22).

But Percy Oncken boys’ had other plans for them. Brazilian players were versatile and turned themselves into a defending and attacking machine that forced Russia to commit several mistakes and loose temper. Leonardo and Kaio stood out to give Brazil a 2-1 advantage by winning second and third set by 25-21 and 25-19, making the defending champions start to fear for a defeat.

With Polianskii responding to Abaev’s fine sets, Russia was very close to send the match to a tie break (23-20). Almost ironically, it was Polianskii itself who sent the ball out of bounds twice in a row to give life to their rival, allowing them to reborn from ashes. At that time, Brazil didn’t hesitate and took the match with an agonic ace by Jefferson (23-25).  


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