China “showed something different”, according to star player Yu


For China's Yu, playing it's also about giving all they can

Resistencia, Argentina, August 16, 2015 - While there was a clear improvement on the Asian side, Mexico suffered from some lows on key moments of the match. That acted as a boost for China’s confidence and accelerated the win.

Gabriela Alarcón, Mexico coach: "We lost concentration in some parts of the game. We gave away the first set with two mistakes, on the second we were out of focus and we came up better on the third, but China was confident and we couldn't reach them on block. We tried different plays in attack, but we don't control those moves so well yet. We have to learn how to deal with moments of tension."

Yu Yuantai, China player: "Yesterday we lost, but today we showed something different. It's not always about the result, but about giving all we can. On this match our reception and attack were very good. For the next games we are confident on being even better."


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