China’s Liu - “We always try our best, but today it worked”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 19, 2015 - China acquired their goal to be among the elite of FIVB Boys’ U19 World Championship thanks to a convincing fashion - maybe their best on all their stay in Argentina so far. Both captains admitted that the Asian play was delightful during the game.

Liu Zhihao, China captain: "We're very happy and really lucky to win. This match was really important for us to go to next stage - we didn’t want to lose this game and be out. We always try to do our best and today it worked. I trained a lot for this competition and when the attack of my team works, I feel really glad."

Muzaffer Yonet, Turkey captain: "We couldn't play our game because they didn't let us play it. They served very well and their reception was perfect, so we couldn't show our volleyball. It was a normal China game as we have seen before and it's always difficult to play against them. If you can't serve well, you have no chance. It's a World Championship, it's not over. We want to recover and do our best in the following games to get the best ranking we can."


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