Draw held in Argentina for U19 World Championship


The U19 draw took place in Chaco, Argentina

Chaco, Argentina, June 24, 2015 – The drawing of lots for the FIVB Boys' U19 World Championship was held at the Chaco Government House on Wednesday for the 20 teams that will take place in the tournament (August 14-23).

The matches will be held at the Sarmiento Arena in Chaco and the Regatas Arena in Corrientes. 

The draw was presided over by the President of the Sport Institute, Raul Bittel; Robert Escobar, representing the International Volleyball Federation; and Fabian Ramon, the Under-Secretary of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA). 

Also attending the ceremony was the President of the Culture Institute, Edgardo Perez; the Vice-President of the Sport Institute, Lic. Ivan de los Santos; the Vice-President of the Culture Institute, Elsa Codutti; the President of the Chaco Volleyball Federation, Miguel Angel Ortigoza, Club Sarmiento de Chaco and Regatas Corrientes authorities; City Hall authorities and members of the Organizing Committee. 

South American U19 champions Argentina were seeded in Pool A with USA, France, Turkey and Belgium. 

The full draw was as follows: 
Pool A (Resistencia): Argentina, USA, France, Belgium, Turkey 
Pool B (Corrientes): China, Cuba, Mexico, Egypt, Italy 
Pool C (Resistencia): Iran, Poland, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Bulgaria 
Pool D (Corrientes): Russia, Brazil, Japan, Puerto Rico, Germany 

The 20 teams divided into four pools of five teams each will play round robin in the preliminary round to qualify the best 16. The top four teams will fight for the title while the fifth-placed teams in each pool will contest the 17th to 20th positions. 

There will be a total of 78 matches as follows: 

a) Preliminary Round: 40 matches 

b) First and second phase - including quarterfinals: 16 matches 
c) Places 17-20: 6 matches 
d) Semifinals: 8 matches 
e) Finals: 8 matches 

Round of 16 best teams: 
# 41: B1 v A4 
# 42: C2 v D3 
# 43: B2 v A3 
# 44: C1 v D4 
# 45: D1 v C4 
# 46: A2 v B3 
# 47: D2 v C3 
# 48: A1 v B4 

# 51: w41 v w42 
# 52: w43 v w44 
# 53: w45 v w46 
# 54: w47 v w48 

9-16 Playoff round: 
# 55: L41 v L42 
# 56: L43 v L44 
# 57: L45 v L46 
# 58: L47 v L48 

Round Robin 17-20: 
The teams that finish fifth in all four pools will play round robin for the 17th to 20th positions.
Semifinals/ Playoffs: 
After the quarterfinals, the semifinals will have eight matches: two for the Top 4 ranking (including the title), two for 5-8, two for 9-12 and two for 13-16. 

Final/ Play-offs: 
There will be eight matches. The winners of the semifinals will play for the title, the losers for the Bronze Medal. 
The winners of the 5-8 semifinals will play for fifth place, the losers for seventh. 
The winners of the 9-12 semifinals will play for ninth place, the losers for 11th. 
The winners of the 13-16 semifinals will play for 13th place, the losers for 15th.


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