For Belgium’s Ruben Duwaerts, “this is a second chance”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 19, 2015 - At the difficult task of staying strong for the rest of the tournament although they aimed to be higher, Belgium showed a little more energy than Egypt and that helped them to win. However, Belgian Duwaerts sees room to keep improving.

Ruben Duwaerts, Belgium player: "We played quite well but we still have some mistakes, it's not perfect yet. Egypt is not the kind of team we played against in the pool, they were more difficult and we couldn't give more, but I believe this is a good start and a second chance so we hope to go on like this. It’s quite hard because I think we're for something more than the classification 17-20, but in certain moments we made a lot of mistakes and we're here, so we'll try to do our best."

Omar Aly, Egypt player: "We really don't know what happened today. This is hard for us, but we must admit they were better. We wanted to get the 17th place, but now we will fight for the 18th and hope we can get it."


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