For Brazilian Kaio Ribeiro "Tomorrow will start a totally different tournament"


Corrientes, Argentina, 18, August, 2015 – Brazil had no trouble to beat Puerto Rico in straight sets. Both teams live different presents now, as the South Americans finished first and advanced to the Round of 16, and the Caribbeans ended in the last position and will start their path in the losers draw against Chinese Taipei.

Percy Oncken, Brazil Head Coach: “The match was easier than I expected. Tomorrow we start a different competition; we need to be lucid and ready to face Chile. Today we could give some rest to Erick (Costa) and Daniel (Martins de Pinho) so they can reach the play-offs in good shape.

Kaio Ribeiro, Brazil: “Our team was prepared for this match; we needed to win in order to have an easier rival in next round. Now we need to start thinking in Chile, our next opponent, who won’t be easy either. We hope we can find Argentina in Quarterfinals!”

Julio Ruvira, Puerto Rico Head Coach: “I am a little disappointed with my boys’ performance. Things just didn’t come out. We came to Argentina to gain some experience, and I’m glad to say that we did.”

Gabriel Garcia, Puerto Rico: “We gave all we had against the best team. The big amount of mistakes was due to a search, you can’t beat Brazil without risking a lot. Now we will look for our first victory in the tournament”.


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