For DeFalco, USA defeated France “with the help of the crowd”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 17, 2015 - USA’s winning streak remains unstoppable in the tournament, this time leaving behind France in a very convincing fashion. Wing spiker DeFalco was one of the main players at the win, but he shared the honours not only with his teammates, but also with the fans.

Torey DeFalco, USA player: "France is a great team, so coming out and play our volleyball was excellent. With the help of the crowd and the way we played, we got an important victory. After the last tie break, we went and trained all, I think we improved all our volleyball system. I’ve been forced to gain a lot of experience with upper level guys in different championships so I think I'm using it now to bring confidence to my team."

Fran Novotni Kasic, France player: "I think USA served really well today; we made a lot of faults and didn't receive as the days before. One of the things to improve is to receive better and improve our play with the middle-blockers. Today it was difficult, but we have to play better next time."


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