For USA’s Tuaniga, China win was “an amazing way of finishing”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 23, 2015 - For both USA and China, the World Championship is already over and now begins the time for analysis. While China’s Yu found in the quarterfinal result the key to their campaign, USA captain Josh Tuaniga’s balance was entirely positive.

Yu Yuantai, China player: "In the first matches we were nervous but our level improved step by step. In quarterfinals we lost a very important game and then our team spirit fell, we became depressed. I’m glad anyway I could play all the matches and I'm happy for the tournament we did."

Joshua Tuaniga, USA captain: "We had a lot of fun, being in Argentina it's awesome and the competition was great. China is a very good team and we really enjoyed the championship. I felt very good, we have a lot of great guys on the team and playing today was an amazing way of finishing the tournament."


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