For USA’s Worsley, “it was a crazy battle between big players”


After a "crazy battle", crazy celebration for USA over Turkey

Resistencia, Argentina, August 14, 2015 - It was all about sportsmanship after the fantastic match between Turkey and USA, with the latter finishing as winner after five hard-fought sets. Such effort earned compliments for both teams and the idea that they can go further in Argentina if they keep the pace.

Joseph Worsley, USA player: "Turkey was an unbelievable team; they were a great opponent and surely will do it really well on the tournament. The match was a crazy battle between some big players - we had to keep thinking on sticking to our game plan, which was about understanding what we had to do. We had some good runs today, but we need to step up for this tournament."

Burakhan Tosun, Turkey player: "We played a good game, but we have to work harder and be tougher in the decisive points. We have to be focused in those moments and we didn't do it, I think that is the main reason why we lost. We were many times down in the score; then we recovered but couldn't close it. We need to improve, but overall the team did a good match."


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