French coach Olivier Audabram: "The balance is really positive"


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 23, 2015 – France finished its peril in this World Championship with a victory over Bulgaria in 5 sets. “Les Bleus” closed a 3-5 balance in a positive experience in Argentina.

Olivier Audabram, France Head Coach: “The final balance is really positive. We finish beating the 4th and 6th in the European Championships that are actually above us in the World ranking, so it’s not that bad. We had 3 match points against Argentina; we were also close to win against Italy, we have to be happy about it. I’m glad also to have trained these boys, they will be the future of France”   

Thibeault Thoral, France: “We had a tough start against Argentina but we made a good preliminary phase. Then we lost a very difficult match with Italy and we had to play in the loser’s part of the draw. Then, the victory over Germany was good for us; I think we made a pretty good World Championship, even more if we take into account that in the first moment we weren’t even qualified to come. I’m happy also with my individual performance, but I still have lots of things to improve”.

Radoslav Parapunov, Bulgaria Captain: “We didn’t show everything we can do; we lacked concentration in the crucial moments. We need to start thinking in what comes next and the club season. After it will be time to get prepared for the next World Championship and other important competitions”


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