"I was motivated by the attitude of my partners", says Japanese hero Nakamoto


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 14, 2015 - Japan defeated Puerto Rico in a thrilling 5-set-match, ruled by the Asians and their high-speed play. Kenyu Nakamoto jumped into the field and scored 10 points in the last sets, to be one of the main responsibles for the Japanese victory.
Hiroshi Honda, Japan Head Coach: “We could show our fast game and put our rival in trouble. The entrance of Kenyu Nakamoto was the key, he played a great match”

Kenyu Nakamoto, Japan: “Luckily I could enter into the field and play a very nice match. I was very motivated by the attitude my partners were showing”

Julio Ruvira, Puerto Rico Head Coach: “It was a very tight game between two inexperienced teams. We were betrayed by our own anxiety. We will continue improving for the rest of the tournament, I’m sure of that. Their fast play put us into trouble, they sacrificed their blocking height by putting a smallest player and we could make some difference with our high spikes, but they adjusted their game and took the victory.”

Gabriel Garcia, Puerto Rico: “It was an excellent match, no doubt about it. Japan played very well and we did all we could, we left the skin in the field. I am proud of what we did. We need to move on, improve our reception and stay focused to try to pass this first phase.”


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