Iran stomped Chile with an attacking exposition


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 16, 2015 – Asian Champions Iran had no mercy with Chile and imposed in three sets (25-11, 25-14, 25-21) with 15 points by Rasoul Aghchehli and an outstanding service performance by the hole team.

There were no equivalencies between the two squads. Reza Vakili’s players wanted to left behind the defeat against Poland from and they did it greatly. 11 direct points from the service and a brilliant performance by the setter Javad Karimisouchelmaei, who contributed with 5 of them, Iran made Chile look like an amateur team.

Matias Ruiz Vidal and Fernando Cañas tried to stay tunned with the match, but Chile could only fight a little in the third set. The Iranians won the first two without problems (25-11 and 25-14) with excellent moments by Esfandiar and Mousavi.

Iran will have to face Bulgaria in their next match looking for the play-offs, while Chile has a harsh stop facing Poland.


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