"It would be great for South American Volleyball" says Oncken on potential match with Argentina


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 19, 2015 – There wasn’t much to do for Chile against Brazil. The South American battle stayed in power of Brazil, that now has the chance to encounter Argentina in Quarter Finals. 

Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: “It was clear that if we wanted to beat Brazil we should have shown a superlative level, what we didn’t do. This competition overwhelmed us, mostly mentally, and that put a break on our performance. The main objective of this group is to project some players to the first team”  

Sebastian Diaz, Chile: “We know them very well. They are strong; we have the means to beat them, but today we didn’t play as good as we needed to. I’m still young but I can blend with my partners perfectly, that is very important for me.”

Percy Oncken, Brazil Head Coach: “We did what we had to do; it’s always important to be among the first 8 teams in the World Championship. It would be great for South American volleyball to have a clash between Argentina and Brazil in Quarterfinals.”

Westermann Assad, Brazil: “We are very united; everything fitted with what we saw in the videos. Now I can’t wait to meet Argentina. I hope they can win so we can face them in their home.”


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