Italy coach Barbiero: “World Championship is a moment to grow”


All of Italy's players were true part of the joyful celebration as they contributed to the win

Resistencia, Argentina, August 16, 2015 - During the match against Egypt, all players from Italy had their share of time onto the court, as part of the team’s third win. Coach Mario Barbiero explained the larger goal his squad is pursuing - a long-term development.

Mario Barbiero, Italy coach: "We started playing very good and then we got some difficulties with Egypt's improvement in attack. Even though, in the third and fourth set we played well again. We made many substitutions because the World Championship is a moment for the players to grow and when I saw the possibility, I liked to make them all play. Italy can do it better and China will be a very important match to measure. We have to keep on working if we want to get the first place in the group."

Marwan Badawi, Egypt player: "I think we lost our concentration in the most important parts of the game. We tried to win, but the Italian team is really strong and it wasn't enough. We did a good match, we worked together and encouraged each other, but we still have to improve."


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