Italy’s Cantagalli: “Our team deserves the fifth place”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 22, 2015 - For both Italy and China, Saturday game was about a swift recovery after losing their quarterfinal matches on the hands of Iran and Poland. The Azzurrini were the best on accomplishing that and now they look forward to their best possible ending.

Diego Cantagalli, Italy player: "We played well in the first two sets and then our level was not that good, but we did it very well again at the end and got the victory. We wish to get the fifth place because our team deserves it - we could have been among the best four, but we didn't play well yesterday and now we have to fight for this."

Liu Zhihao, China captain: "Yesterday we lost an important match against Poland and it's not easy to get recovered so fast. It was a hard game for us, but tomorrow we will try to do our best again."


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