Italy’s Gabriele Di Martino enjoyed “an amazing match”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 18, 2015 - The final result between Italy and China it wasn’t the most important thing of the game, according to Italian player Di Martino. The Azzurri starred together with the Asians an electrifying display and that prevailed over the rest at the very end.

Wang Jingyi, China player: "This match was really technical. We gave the best that we had after training a lot together. We prepared for this match and played it very well, everything worked very well. We don't know who will be in front of us on the next match, but we want to win."

Gabriele Di Martino, Italy player: "It was an amazing match, but it was very difficult. China is a really strong team and we had problems to block them. Also they committed fewer errors than we did and that was very important for them. Now we’re thinking about the next stage - no matter which team we have to face, we want the victory."


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