"It's crucial to have 12 players in good shape" says Russian Coach Nozdrin


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 16, 2015 – Russian Coach Andrey Nozdrin presented a modified initial line-up to face Japan and alleged the bulky victory to his team’s good shape.   

Andrey Nozdrin, Russia Head Coach: “It was a very important match for us, we know Japan is a very defensive team but we served very well and we could weaken them. It’s crucial for us to have all our players in good shape, that’s why I changed most of the team regarding the one that faced Brazil”.

Aleksei Chanchikov, Russia: “We are happy with this triumph, it was very important to recover from yesterday lost.  This World Championship is very long and hard to win, so we are obliged to have our 12 players happy and being able to contribute in important moments. There are lots of good teams, we will have to give our best to retain the title”.

Yoshiki Ohmi, Japan: “Russia put limits to our game with their impressive level. We were focused and hoped to win, but they played excellent. We still think and dream that we can advance to the next round”.

Hiroshi Honda, Japan Head Coach: “Their game style complicated us bad. We must work a lot and be applied in our game if we want to be among the best teams in this World Championship”.


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