Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: "We never found the balance"


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 15, 2015 – Bulgaria made Chile’s effort useless with an intelligent setting performance by Nikolay Manchev and an efficient offensive game. Chileans were not prepared for this kind of power and left the hall with nothing in their pockets.

Tomas Gago Murtagh, Chile: “We didn’t play as we are used to. Bulgaria put a lot of pressure with their service, and the reception was our week spot, so we couldn’t play with our middle-blockers. We are used to being smaller in size, I think that was not a key aspect in our defeat”

Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: “Bulgaria played a really good and solid match. They kept a level that we couldn’t reach; we never found the balance to face them”.

Dragan Ivanov, Bulgaria Coach: "We were better technically and mentally than Chile. Poland were a stronger team. We expect to play better than we did today to beat Chinese Taipei."

Nikolay Manchev, Bulgaria: "We played really well, wi didn’t have any problems. Our service was better and stronger than yesterday, but I don’t think we have played better. We made a great match in offense; all our players were very focused on winning the 3 points.”


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