Kaneko awarded the victory to ‘Germany mental strength’


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 15, 2015 – In a very changing struggle between Japan and Germany, the Europeans were stronger than the Asians, keeping a cold mind but a warm heart to win a 5-set-battle.

Maximilian Auste, Germany: “It was a very mental match. We had good and bad moments, but we could prevail at last. Japan played really well but couldn’t keep the level in the tie break, giving us the victory. We don’t have a goal in this World Championship, we want to do our best; yesterday we got one point and today 2 more, we are happy with our moment”

Matus Kelny, Germany Head Coach: “We believed in the victory all the time, that made us play at a really high level. In the end we were better than Japan, mostly in the tie break. Having played almost 3 hours yesterday conditioned us”

Masaki Kaneko, Japan Captain: "We did a nice game, but from the beginning we knew that German had a better team and a stronger mentality. We are happy with the show we are offering the people in Corrientes, we enjoy a lot of the heat that the crowd transfer us.”

Hiroshi Honda, Japan Head Coach: “Our defense and reception was good, but we still can’t reach our real level. We play fast, but not as accurate as we can”. 


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