Mistakes were the key between Italy and Mexico


Mexico's Bruno Cruz highlighted the good skills on the Italian side

Resistencia, Argentina, August 15, 2015 - Pool B Day 1 winners’ battle between Italy and Mexico ended up with a smile from the European, as they now are the only group leaders. According to players from both teams, the key rested on the amount of mistakes on both sides of the net.

Riccardo Sbertoli, Italy player: "I think we played a very good match especially in defence and blocking. Mexico is a good team, but we made fewer mistakes and were able to recover more balls. We're very happy with this victory."

Bruno Cruz Ibarra, Mexico player: "Italy is a great team and we couldn't maintain their rhythm. We made mistakes in blocking and they attacked very high. In the second set we realised we could win, but sadly they corrected in the following set and finally got the win. I think we have to improve in defence and keep our level point by point."


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