“Now we’re the best”, smiles Polish MVP Bartosz Kwolek


Resistencia, Argentina, August 23, 2015 - With the echoes of Poland’s national anthem still sounding in Resistencia, players and coaches from both gold and silver medalists gave their excerpts on the historical run both had achieved moments ago. Happiness was the common factor among them.

Sebastian Pawlik, Poland coach: "First I want to congratulate my boys because they played very well today. We won the championship and we're really happy, even when today maybe we didn't play our best game, but it was enough to won."

Jakub Kochanowski, Poland captain: "I just want to thank our coach because we were very well prepared for this tournament. We wanted to win the World Championship and we deserved it."

Bartosz Kwolek, Poland player and MVP: "We're really happy for winning this tournament, we had a great preparation and we're very happy. I want to thank our coach and teammates, we're the best."

Jan Martínez, Argentina player: "We were a surprise because on this World Championship only the world’s top teams play. It's not so normal to get a medal on this kind of competitions, but we got it, we deserved it and even when the goal was to be the champions, we're happy anyway. "

Agustín Loser, Argentina player: "I think we were good in block and defence, but when we had to counterattack, we were not very precise. That was the main difference that allowed Poland to win. Maybe now I'm not as happy as I should be, but this medal is something historical for Argentina and soon we will be very proud."

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "We didn't get the gold medal and that's sad, but our goal is accomplished - players and coaching staff were amazing and I want to congratulate them. We put our volleyball on top of the world and that makes me happy. We trained to get to this place - it's not a surprise for us because we knew we could do it."


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