"Our block needs to be improved immediately" agreed Pawlik and Kochanowski


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 18, 2015 – Poland finished its participation in the preliminary phase Pool C improving their winning streak to 4, beating Chinese Taipei in straight sets. Both Polish Captain and Head Coach agreed that they need to improve their block in order to be one of the greatest team in this World Championship.

Sebastian Pawlik, Poland Head Coach: “We must play against and beat every team in order to win the gold medal. We can defeat everybody; we just need to believe in ourselves. Our service was great again but the block is something we must improve immediately”.

Jakub Kochanowski, Poland Captain: “We want to play against Iran again. We need to improve our reception, is the worst aspect of our game. My performance is good but I also need to contribute more in the blocking phase. People in Argentina is fantastic, I didn’t expect this kind of support from the audience; they are great and very kind to us.”

Chia-Yung Lee, Chinese Taipei Head Coach: “Captain Lin is very important for us, we really missed him the first matches. We have the capacity to face important teams, our spirit and technique are as good as theirs but we are smaller in size. I’m satisfied with the level we showed in this first round, but it wasn’t enough.”

Lu-Wei Lin, Chinese Taipei Captain: “I’m happy that I could recover rapidly and play with my partners. In the first matches the difference with the other teams was not so big; we lacked a bit of self confidence.”


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