"Our collective performance was formidable" expressed French Audabram


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 21, 2015 – France got together after a disadvantageous start and finally subdued Germany in 5 sets. “Les Bleus” took an important victory over one of the best teams in the 9th-16th classification phase.

Matus Kalny, Germany Head Coach: “Tie break is lottery; we were subdued by their service. The team that won didn’t deserve it, the luckiest – not the best - won today, but this is volleyball and we need to recover quickly for tomorrow’s game.”

Tim Peter, Germany: “It was a very close game. We really wanted to win, but unluckily we couldn’t. We need to think about being stronger mentally and tactically. They played a good game! The ambience was unbelievable, I have never imagined playing with people cheering us like they did; I want to thank everyone in Corrientes!”

Olivier Audabram, France Head Coach: “We knew how to put together confidence, rhythm, rigor and consistency, that’s why we won. The collective performance was formidable. Now we need to defeat Turkey, another great team, but with the attitude we showed today we can beat anybody”

Joachim Panou, France Captain: “It was a very important match for us, because we had won only one so far. They were fourth in European Championship, we are glad we could defeat them. We could recover from a bad start and take a crucial victory.”


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