“Qualifying was our main purpose”, admits Cuba’s Romero


Resistencia, Argentina, August 18, 2015 - Although having to wait until their final showdown, Cuba finally achieved their goal of making it into the tournament’s best 16 teams. Reserve player Romero was crucial for this task and he could perform up to the challenge.

Mahmoud Mohamed, Egypt player: "It wasn't the match we thought it would be. This is a really sad day for us, but we need to get better to fight for the 17th place in the next matches. It's important to improve our volleyball if we want to win."

José Carlos Romero, Cuba player: "This was my first match in the starting lineup and it was a big responsibility. I prepared myself a lot in Cuba for this tournament and now that I had the chance, I did it the best I could. Qualifying to the next stage was our main purpose and we reached it. Now we need to get prepared and give all we have, we can win if we play at our best."


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