"The fight leads to success" says Gabriela Alarcon from Mexico


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 22, 2015 – Mexico didn’t surrender and caught an important victory over Chile, after being in a 0-2 disadvantage. Both Gabriela Alarcon and Bruno Cruz highlightened the importance of never quit fighting.

Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: “Mexico put us in crisis without making an extraordinary match. We played really well for some moments; we just couldn’t keep that level. That instability characterized us the whole tournament”

Tomas Gago Murtagh, Chile: “We couldn’t keep the level we showed in the first two sets. We should have reflected on our performance and know that we could take that match. But for the 5th set we were already down casted and they won easily.

Gabriela Alarcon, Mexico Head Coach: “We adjusted the tactic, changed the rotation and made all the players have some minutes to recover the order we had lost. We Mexicans have an incredibly strong fighting spirit, and fight leads to success”

Bruno Ibarra Cruz, Mexico: “We had a lousy start, but we knew there was a lot in play so we started to fight, to raise our heads and start trailing them with our attitude. That’s how you win a game”.


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