“The fighting spirit was fantastic”, smiles Belgium coach Banks


Coach Joel Banks praised the phenomenal attitude and energy of his boys

Resistencia, Argentina, August 16, 2015 - Extremely positive was the analysis of both teams after the great game played by France and Belgium. By logic, the French team was happier as they were the winners, but on the Belgian side there were many reasons to look forward with hopes and energy.

Toky Rojoharivelo, France player: "We felt really good and enjoyed every moment of the match. We were better in reception and serve from the previous matches so we have to keep in this way."

Joel Banks, Belgium coach: "My boys played really good. Yesterday and today we gave everything and even when today we did it a little bit less than yesterday, we're happy. We couldn't capitalise all the chances we had and that costed us a lot, but the fighting spirit was fantastic. I think we need to have more control in the block-defence system and in the rally game. We need to be more precise."


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