"These players are the future of Cuban volleyball" says coach Lopez


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 21, 2015 – Chile started playing in the third set and couldn’t do much against a splendid version of Cuba. Caribbean hitter Miguel Angel Lopez Castro expressed its happiness regarding the change of attitude his team lived in the last set of the match.

Jesus Cruz Lopez, Cuba Head Coach: “Our service was the key to win; we did it good and we complicated Chile’s reception. We usually have good attacking performances so that is not something to distinguish. These players are Cuba’s future, we need to develop them”

Miguel Angel Lopez Castro, Cuba: “We were superior mostly in the attacking phase, but we did it ok in service too. We could react quickly when they started to push to take the 3rd set, and that is something we should be happy with; our attitude was not correct but we managed to improve it.”

Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: “We lacked consistency and determination to win this match. We had lots of opportunities to play as their equals, but our own inexperience betrayed us. We came to Argentina without a bunch of preparation matches; we need to play more international matches and have a bigger internal competition to grow as a team”

Esteban Villarreal, Chile Captain: “We need to start playing earlier in the game; today we started in the 3rd and gave away 1st and 2nd set. We were very dubious; we need to believe in ourselves. I’m totally disappointed with my performance in this World Championship”


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