“This is what we can do”, says Turkey captain Yonet


Muzaffer Yonet, celebrating an awesome victory surrounded by his teammates

Resistencia, Argentina, August 15, 2015 - Recharged with confidence, now Turkey is ready to enter the list of teams to watch at FIVB Boys’ U19 World Championship in Argentina. Setter and captain Yonet warned about the actual skills of his side.

Muzaffer Yonet, Turkey captain: "This time we could show what we can do. Yesterday was the first match and we were a bit confused, but on this game we actually did what our coach said and everything went perfect. We're really happy and looking forward to the next games."

Thibaut Thoral, France player: "From the start we couldn't get into the game and then there was too much difference. We just couldn't get back. We have to be focused in the game from the very beginning - That is what we will try to do on the next matches."


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