USA’s Stadick on Russia - “They punish you every time you fail”


Resistencia, Argentina, August 21, 2015 - Although USA had some good moments during the game against Russia, the current world champions prevailed and made it into the Top 4 in Argentina. American blocker Scott Stadick stressed that it was all about making use of mistakes and chances.

Anton Semyshev, Russia player: "We played very well in every part of the game. Being in semifinals of the World Championship was our dream and we made it true! All of our game was very good, but I think we can make it better. We're really happy."

Scott Stadick, USA player: "Russia is a really great team and they capitalised every mistake we made. A squad like them punishes you every time you fail; I congratulate them for playing that way. They did it very well in all the system play and got advantage. We have to refocus for the following matches and start again."


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