"We came with other expectations" - Cuba's Goide


Corrientes, Argentina, August 23, 2015 - While Turkey had the goal of "winning all the games" in Corrientes and they did it, on Cuba remains a bit of disappointment about the final standing, though it was due to lack of experience.

Muzaffer Yönet (Turkey captain): "This tournament was good for us even when we didn't get where we wanted. The most important match was against Argentina and we couldn't win it. We played in quarterfinals versus China and we didn't play like we planned. That made us came to Corrientes and we focused on winning all the games. We're not happy with the 9th place, but is the best we could get after China. Luckily, we won and we're happy for that."

Jesús Cruz López (Cuba coach): "The goal was not accomplished for us. We came to get among the best eight teams and we ended 10th. Nevertheless, the tournament was good, the other teams played in high level, but we couldn't play in the key moments, maybe because of our lack of experience".

Adrián Goide Arredondo (Cuba captain): "We came with other expectations to this World Championship, but we couldn't fulfill them. I'm not happy with the 10th place, we could be better but we failed in important moments." 


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