“We could overcome our mistakes”, explains Kaio Ribeiro


Resistencia, Argentina, August 22, 2015 - Undoubtedly, he was the authorised voice to speak about spirit after the game. Energetic Kaio Ribeiro, Brazil’s main tool over USA, gave major credit to Brazilian spirit as the reason for the result.

Kaio Ribeiro, Brazil player: "I think our game wasn't regular today, but with our spirit we could overcome those mistakes and get the win. Now we have to rest and get ready for tomorrow's match. It's important to get in the court concentrated."

Jordan Ewert, USA player: "We had a game plan and couldn't execute it. Brazil also made some changes and adjusted their game, but we kept doing the same and they got the victory. We need to work for the next time. This is our first time playing outside USA against the best teams of the world, it’s all new for us and I think we did it very well for being our first experience. We want to win our last match and enjoy it, we want to have fun."


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