“We finished playing against friends”, says Italy’s Galassi about Brazil


Resistencia, Argentina, August 23, 2015 - Mission accomplished for Italy in the final track of the competition - they wanted to get the fifth place and that’s why they burst in joy. They did it against Brazil, which never recovered from the blow dealt by Argentina, according to coach Oncken.

Percy Oncken, Brazil coach: "The game against Argentina was really hard for us and we never came back; we kept committing the same mistakes until today. I think we played very well up to quarterfinals and then couldn't maintain our level. Anyway, we tried to do our best and that's a good thing."

Gianluca Galassi, Italy captain: "We're very happy with the fifth place, but I think we deserved a bit more. It was a great tournament, it was our first Championship and we did it really good. It's an honour to be among the best performances, but it's all thanks to my teammates. The best of finishing the Championship playing against Brazil is that they're our friends."


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