"We need to avoid our ups and downs" analyzed Turkish coach Tavaci


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 23, 2015 – Turkey and France played a thrilling match that found its definition in the late moments of the 5th set. The Europeans will now face Bulgaria looking for the 11th place in the ranking, while the Turkish will deal with Cuba to try finishing 9th.

Olivier Audabra, France Head Coach: “We lost the concentration and intensity in the 4th and 5th set; the big number of matches we played started to be a heavy load for us, taking also into account that we have two injured players. Tomorrow we will try to finish this World Championship with a triumph over Bulgaria”

Leo Meyer, France: “We were tired in the tie break, we lowered our level in the reception and we missed Toky (Rojoharivelo – injured against Germany) in the offense. Now we have to play against Bulgaria, a team we know a lot from the European Championships; it’s a perfect opportunity for us to finish this tournament the best way possible”

Salih Tavaci, Turkey Head Coach: “We had lots of ups and downs in this match; we have to work to avoid that. After the 3rd set we changed our mind and started complicating them, we are happy that we won. Tomorrow we will try to stop Cuba and Lopez’s offensive power to end this World Championship in the highest ranking possible”

Adis Lagudmzija, Turkey: “We played like a team most of the time; we showed our best face in the most important moments. I’m not quite happy with the team’s performance all the long of the World Championship; I think we could have done it much better”.


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