'We need to improve our reception' says Chinese Taipei coach Chia-Yung


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 14, 2015 - Chile overpowered Chinese Taipei in five sets with an intelligent service tactic. The Asian Captain and Head Coach agreed that the poor level in reception was the key for the Chilean victory.

Ivan Villarreal, Chile coach: “Maybe it wasn’t our best game, but it’s really important to start the World Championship with a victory. We didn’t know them very well, but they were much more solid than in the videos we have seen.” 

Esteban Villarreal, Chile Captain: “We want to thank all the people that came here to support us. We are comfortable playing here, and that was shown in the score. We managed the pressure very well. We aim to improve our performance of 2013.”

Lee Chia-Yung, Chinese Taipei Head Coach: “We are adjusting to the conditions, this is just the first game. We need to work a lot our reception. Our opposite didn’t play the way he should have, that would have changed the match.”

Chan Min-Han, Chinese Taipei Captain: “We are not used to play this early in the morning, and we suffered also the cold weather. We have to improve the reception if we want to play as fast as we can.” 


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