“We realised there are no weak teams”, says Mexico’s Aranda


Resistencia, Argentina, August 17, 2015 - Boosted with confidence, Mexico achieved a place on the next round of the tournament and now the boys are aware of their potential. Setter Christian Aranda showed that new virtue of the team after a golden win over Cuba.

Christian Aranda, Mexico player: "We realised that there are no weak teams - We're also very good and can win every match we want. We can't let them grow; we have to play strongly from the very beginning. We're experimenting with our attack, there are combinations that we do, but we need a bit more of confidence. Today it worked and we're really happy."

Ismel Pelayo Madan, Cuba player: "Cuban team needs to be more combative in some parts of the match. We weren't precise at all against Mexico. We have to stay close and united to get the victory."


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