“We stopped searching for the match”, regrets French coach Audabram


Resistencia, Argentina, August 19, 2015 - While Italy was pure ecstasy, due to the quarterfinals ticket as well for being the crowd’s favourites, France conceded the honours to the opponent and the opportunities lost on the fourth segment, according to coach Audabram.

Roberto Cominetti, Italy player: "We're very happy for this match and now we have to think on the next game. France was a hard team to beat - we knew it was going to be difficult, but we could make it. I would like to thank the fans for giving us their support."

Olivier Audabram, France coach: "We made too many mistakes in the fourth set; there was a point where we stopped searching for the match. We tried to play with our middle blockers again, but Italy also did it and very well. Italy was better today, that's why they won."


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