“We thought about each point”, explained Argentina captain Benavídez


Press conference with both teams after the game

Resistencia, Argentina, August 16, 2015 - To prevail over Turkey, Argentina made a turnaround from the second set on and grabbed the match in four chapters. For the local captain Felipe Benavídez, it was all about intelligence and a bit of thinking before executing.

Muzaffer Yonet, Turkey captain: "We played really good in the beginning of the game but from the second set on our level started to fall, we lost concentration and then the match."

Salih Tavaci, Turkey coach: "In the first set we waited Argentina to come to us, but we realised we waited too much and wasted time. Then they started to receive very well and improved their attack, and we couldn't counterattack in the correct way. I would like to congratulate them because they did it very well."

Felipe Benavídez, Argentina captain: "I think we didn't start playing well, we made mistakes in the last part of the first set and lost it. But from the second on, we did what we planned to do; we were intelligent and complicated them. We served well, didn't make mistakes, defended excellent balls and thought about each point. They couldn't find the way to solve the problem and we won the game."

Luis Testa, Argentina coach: "We knew it was going to be a hard match. In the first set we were very good with the side out, but couldn't close the counterattacks and that was the difference. Then we improved on attack and counterattack and the following sets changed. We were more confident, corrected our reception and did really good defenses. The public was amazing again. They're a pressure for other teams and really motivate us."


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