“We were expecting this result”, admits Cuba’s López


Cuban players can begin to look forward to the next stage after the win over China

Resistencia, Argentina, August 15, 2015 - The astonishing win achieved by Cuba over China, although it was a surprise, was also already on the plans of the feisty Caribbean side, which is looking forward to the next round of the tournament.

Miguel Ángel López Castro, Cuba player: "I felt really good, I trained a lot to get to this tournament in my best form and we were expecting this result to get to the next stage. We have a team to fight against anyone and we showed it today - we did a very good game. Our attack was perfect and we never gave up, that's really important."

Jun Gu, China coach: "This is our first match and we were more nervous than them; the boys had a burden and Cuba played more relaxed. We had some chances but we didn't get them. We could block them some times, but the most important was the service - we failed services on key moments."    

Jesús Cruz López, Cuba coach: "I think our attack was the key to win this match, even though we were very good also in reception and serve. China is very good in reception, but our services complicated them a lot. Cuba will keep on working to get to the next round."


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