"When we serve like today we can beat anybody" trusts Polish coach Pawlik


Corrientes, Argentina, August, 17, 2015 – Poland outserved Chile 11-3 and kept a straight-set victory to maintain ahead of Pool C in Corrientes.

Matias Ruiz Vidal, Chile: “We didn’t believe in ourselves before the match. After, mostly in the third set, we realized that we could play against them and have a good match. We hope Iran make their game and help us reach the next round by beating Chinse Taipei”

Ivan Villarreal, Chile Head Coach: “The matches we lost against Iran and Bulgaria affected my players mind, they were full of doubts. The irreverence is sometimes a good ally, but it has to be joined by self control. This age is still fragile, and we lack internal competence to know how to face this kind of matches. We now depend on other results, which is really unpleasant”

Sebastian Pawlik, Poland Head Coach: “We are glad we won, but the level was not so high. I’m happy because I could give my substitute players the chance to play a few minutes. When we serve like we did today, we can beat anybody; we need to improve our defense to be one of the top teams”

Kamil Gruszczinski, Poland: “We played a very good volleyball quality, mostly in service. We can win this tournament, I sense it; we already had good performances against top teams”. 


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