Yakovlev impressive performance catapulted Russia to victory over Germany


Corrientes, Argentina, 18, August, 2015 – Russia totally out served Germany in a thrilling match played in Corrientes (25-22, 25-14, 33-31) with an incredible performance by Dmitry Yakovlev, author of 25 points among 7 direct services. The Russians will face Bulgaria tomorrow in the Round of 16 while Germany will have a very tough stop against Iran.

Nothing marvelous happened in the first two sets. An Auste-dependant and truly doubtfully German team had nothing to do against the Russian service supremacy. Andrey Nozdrin players feasted on the Teutons reception with 12 aces and were heading to a comfy victory (25-22 and 25-14).

But Slovakian coach Matus Kelny touched his players’ spirit and the Germans reacted. Johannes Tille took the reins of the team and started to oblige Yakovlev to hit harder every time to score. Germany was close to force the 4th with Maase and Auste in good shape, but Konstantin Abaev and company had other plans. Assisting his opposite and Chanchikov magisterially, Russia could control the German’s final assault in a thrilling end (33-31).


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