"Russia overwhelmed us with the service" says Matus Kelny


Corrientes, Argentina, 18, August, 2015 – Dmitry Yakovlev’s 25-points production amazed the crowd in the match that had Russia defeating Germany in straight sets. Matus Kelny, Andrey Nozdrin and Konstantin Abaev expressed their opinion regarding the match and the 17-year-old opposite who is astonishing everyone in the volleyball world.

Matus Kelny, Germany Head Coach: “The biggest problem was Russian service; they totally overwhelmed us, specially Yakovlev. In the first set we expected a really good game but in the end we weren’t lucky. We need to believe in ourselves in order to beat Iran, and make a perfect serving match to get them off the map”.

Stefan Thiel, Germany Captain: “We didn’t play our best but in the third we did it better than in the first and second chapter. I think I was a little bit over motivated; I wanted so bad this victory. We have no time to rest right now; tomorrow we have to beat Iran. We want to attack them from scratch, giving our best to eliminate them”.

Andrey Nozdrin, Russia Head Coach: “We lost the concentration in the third set, but luckiluy we won, I’m very happy. Yakovlev is a very young player, I’m glad I can have him in my team, but he still needs a lot of work. Now we will start the preparation to face Bulgaria”.

Konstantin Abaev, Russia: “Germany is a really good opponent. The public supported and helped us a lot to win the third set. Yakovlev had an excellent match, but he can do it even better! We know Bulgaria very well, we played several times in the European Championship, tomorrow we will have a big battle.” 


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